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Concrete slab installed for backyard patio. High quality work and very professional! He was referred to me and I’ll definitely refer him to others.
Cheryl Thompson
The Crew did a great job putting a concrete patio in. Looks great. Thanks!!
Richard Horne
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    If you’re thinking of getting some concrete work done in North Carolina, but don’t know what to expect when hiring a concrete contractor, Quality Concrete & Constructions wants to help you understand the process of everything you need to know about concrete contractor services.

    Knowing When You Need an NC Concrete Contractor

    Some people like to take a DIY approach to homeownership and can do a decent job cleaning concrete or sealing small cracks. Unfortunately, DIY skills may not be enough for most concrete jobs in North Carolina.

    For example, if the project you have in mind requires a substantial amount of concrete or flourishes that only a skilled pair of hands can create, you’ll need to hire a concrete contractor with the experience, equipment and information needed to complete the job in a professional manner.

    Professional Concrete Services
    in North Carolina

    Concrete Patios

    A concrete patio will increase the value of your house and turn your backyard into an ideal area for partying and resting. Your new patio can be designed to your requirements by our concrete patio contractors.

    Concrete Driveways

    Are you considering upgrading your property with a new concrete driveway? Concrete driveways are a terrific improvement since they last longer and require less care than asphalt ones. They won’t break down quickly and will last for a long period

    Stamped Concrete

    These concrete services aim to give concrete entryways an elegant look and design. Typical textures this service emulates include stone, brick, tile, and, in some cases, wood. Most customers arrange for work on their patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

    Retaining Walls

    The best way to prevent erosion, remove slopes, create a plant bed, or level a space for a patio is with a concrete block retaining wall. Our retaining walls are resilient to all types of weather, sturdy, and long-lasting.

    Concrete Foundation Repair

    Quality Concrete & Construction specializes in constructing concrete foundations. Think beams, footings, concrete pads, and other support structures.

    Flooring (Polished Concrete)

    Concrete flooring can elevate a building’s interior by giving it a touch of elegance. For example, polished concrete is popular in hotel room lobbies, industrial kitchens, mansion living rooms, and other spaces.

    Concrete Flatwork

    An excellent technique to guarantee that your concrete project will stand out from the competition is to use concrete flatwork. A variety of concrete flatwork services are offered by Quality Concrete & Construction. Give your walkway, patio, driveway, and other concrete projects a fashionable and tidy appearance.

    Concrete Sidewalks​

    There are many different design and style options available for concrete sidewalks. Everything from classic, plain concrete to decorative concrete is what we do. Regardless of how big or little your sidewalk project is, you can depend on us to have the knowledge, tools, and experience you require to complete the job properly.

    Concrete Foundation Repair​

    Quality Concrete & Construction specializes in constructing and repairing concrete foundations. Think beams, footings, concrete pads, and other support structures.

    Categories of North Carolina Concrete Contractor Work

    Concrete work and installation falls into two categories: internal and external work.

    Internal Works

    As the name suggests, this concrete work category occurs within a building. For example, it could involve constructing a concrete kitchen counter, laying concrete flooring, repairing concrete stairs, and so on.

    External Works

    Contractors do this category of concrete work outdoors. Constructing a slip-resistant pool deck, making a decorative concrete patio, and laying concrete for a driveway are examples of external concrete work.

    Whether doing concrete work inside or outside of a building, you can expect concrete companies to work on one of the following activities:

    Concrete Cost Considerations in North Carolina

    While no two concrete construction projects are the same, they all share one thing in common that you should consider when setting your budget in North Carolina: concrete, and lots of it.

    You can get your concrete from two sources: a ready-mix supplier or a concrete contractor. While the former source will charge you by the yard, the latter charges by square feet.

    Regarding the actual numbers for concrete pricing, the cost of concrete differs from state to state. So, it’s best to make your inquiries to get an estimate of how much you’ll need to spend to realize your project in North Carolina.

    Additionally, the price you pay for your concrete will be influenced by the following factors:

    Concrete contractor cost

    Hiring a North Carolina Concrete Contractor

    You can do a couple of things when hiring a concrete contractor to make the project go smoothly. Taking the steps discussed below will save you time and money that would otherwise be lost to misunderstandings and ensure you get the best work out of your contractor.

    State Your Vision Clearly

    While concrete contractors will try their best to bring your vision to life, some things may get lost in translation if you’re unclear about what you’d like to do. For example, if you’re getting decorative concrete work done (like chemical-stained concrete flooring), ensure you’re clear on how you’d like the patterns to look.

    Request a Sample

    Most concrete contractors are happy to provide you with a sample representing how the project will look upon completion. They’ll make these mockups using the materials, techniques, and tools that’ll go into the project, giving you an idea of the level of quality to expect. Additionally, sample requests help put both of you on the same page, avoiding nasty surprises.

    Be Patient

    Depending on the project’s complexity, your concrete contractor may need a couple of days to complete the job. As such, managing your expectations as to the project’s timeline will go a long way in making your contractor not feel pressured to put in their best work.

    Get What’s Agreed in Writing

    A signed document outlining the services you expect from your contractor and outlining a payment schedule will work wonders in keeping disagreements to a minimum during the project’s term. And since disagreements equal lost time, this is an essential step to take for a smooth-sailing concrete services project.

    Quality Concrete & Construction provides concrete contractor services, from concrete repair to full-on decorative concrete works. Call us today to get a quote on your concrete project!


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    The service performed was excellent. The crew arrived when expected, completed the work as promised, cleaned all debris from worksite. The project was a very positive experience I encourage anyone Who needs these services to contact Mr. Coleman. He is a true gentleman with incredible integrity and honesty.
    Robert Pearson
    This team was by far one of the most professional teams to do work. They whole group worked well together and their communication was some of the best. They did the work in a timely manner and were completed When they said they would be. Best value for the money you would spend to get concrete work done.
    Albert Owens
    As I was getting my house move in ready, I needed a project completed. It was somewhat related to concrete but wasn't a typical build job and I wasn't sure who to call. Darnell was great in taking on the assignment. He and his crew completed the assignment in a timely manner. Would recommend.
    Robert C.

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